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Posted by Elle Ullmann

Long before the days of Searching For Animal Chin, the skate community has maintained quite an appetite for just about any skate footage made available for them. Before the internet, every skater waited for the handful of company-released videos throughout a year, re-watching over and over until every trick was engrained in their memory. Now, it is nearly impossible to keep up with the amount of footage being released on a daily basis by the skate community. All you need is a GoPro and a YouTube account to help your crew gain some momentum in expanding your audience beyond its own members.
The advantage of all this new accessibility is the diverse range of videography styles. Raw runs have become the latest craze in capturing the purity of what its like to go out and skate. It gives you better insight to the rider's point of view and can capture the excitement on a level far beyond any editing trick. Before raw run's we all had shared this idea that the top professionals were flawless riders who barely winced at unchartered, death-defying obstacles.
Growing up on video parts like Eric Koston's in Chomp On This, I get a nostalgic feeling towards a proper edit that captures both the character of the rider and their ability on the board. Will the era of filming for a year to end up with a 2 minute video part be over? Does an epic raw run outshine the work and effort put into a classic video part. Luckily, our appetites and ability to sit in front of a computer screen for endless hours will give us enough stamina to appreciate both forms of art. 


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