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# Hashtag- We Connect Our World 

Hashtag Board Company (HBC) is about connecting and uniting people through their shared love of all things nautical. Today, the brand has expanded into a global lifestyle engulfing the worlds of competitive sailing, board-sports, active living, music, entertainment and philanthropy. Racing for Team USA in multiple international regattas, Rhett Ullmann, 17, founded HBC in 2013. His twin brother, Remi Ullmann, is an Unesco alumni and supports platforms protecting our planet, such as Longboarding for Peace (L4P) and ocean conservation through Beneath the Waves. Big sister, Hailey Ullmann, 20, also a competitive sailor, is in charge of customer relations and unparalleled left shark impressions. Mom, Elle Ullmann, a visionary brand builder with senior financial executive experience, heads up daily operations.


The Collective 

Hashtag Board Co 

Hashtag is our anchor. Made for comfort and style to express what inspires us. 

A nautical surf / prep lifestyle brand for the Hashtag generation, 14-25 year trend leaders and market innovators like ourselves. The brand is informed by travels to different countries with Team USA. A collection designed to throw on after a regatta at the club, longboard back to the hotel and participate in award ceremonies and after parties. We bring trending styles and items back to share, so our squad always is rocking the latest tech and fashion.


RU³ Performance – 
Premium Tech pieces designed to improve performance for elite athletes. We developed RU3 after spending weeks on the water as competitive sailors exposed to the elements 6 - 8 hours daily. We focus on performance fabrics to improve circulation, which gets O2 and nutrients to the muscles, heat sealed seams to prevent chaffing, wicking properties and UV protection. We offer just the right amount of compression to keep muscles warm in breathable fabrics to keep you cool. We push the boundary of  garment efficiency and innovation to improve your comfort, so you can focus on winning. Our elite Team USA Ambassadors wear our rash guards to compete at Championships all over the world. 

Race. Relax. Repeat.
It's what we do.

HBCxL4P Collaboration

Hashtag Co platform is peace and Longboarding for Peace is a street collection that connects our passion for peace with our penchant for sophisticated designs. Longboarding for Peace is a global movement for peace, balance and justice powered by longboarders.

Hashlife Media-

Connecting you digitally to the relevant world since MMXIV.

Featuring upcoming artists, musicians, and influential millennials, Hashlife Media connects with some of the world's most exciting influencers, innovators and cultural icons.

Hashlife media provides a gateway to the people shaping our world and setting the agenda for tomorrow.

HBC Vibes- 

 is our musical collective through Hashtag Board Co. and Hashlife Media’s thirst for new music, and our urge to give back. We promote large music events as well as incubate indie artists and help shape them as they find their identities as performers. We share and invite our readers to share new and innovative information documenting how music, science, art, fashion and technology are joining together in new and innovative ways, shaping POP - culture and along with it, our lives and our future.




The Future

HBC is emerging as a leading lifestyle and media brand gaining in following daily. Built for competitive sailing, action sports and healthy living, HBC is set to become one of the most influential brands of the decade. 

Hashtag Board Co. – servicing all your fashion, performance, tech and entertainment needs. 

We connect our world!




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