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 Please help us save #Shred! Our goal is to promote shark conservation and take action in saving sharks all over the world. Follow @ShredTheShark on Twitter to track the adventures of a real tiger shark named Shred!  50% of all profits go to University of Miami in Collaboration with Beneath the Waves.

The Story Behind the Name: Shred is the official shark of Hashtag Board Co., and serves as a real-life inspiration for understanding and conserving sharks around the world. As apex predators, sharks control marine food webs and help keep oceans healthy – the same oceans that we as humans depend on for food, oxygen, and livelihoods. Shred was tagged by University of Miami scientists in late April 2015, and she will continue her journey throughout the Atlantic Ocean, providing important real-time data on tiger shark behavior that will be used to aid in conservation efforts for these threatened marine predators. Shred is the real-life shark spokesperson for the 2015 Hashtag Board Co Shark Week Campaign, which seeks to raise funds for the collective conservation efforts of Beneath the Waves, an official partner of Hashtag, and the University of Miami Shark Research Program.





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