News Editor (New Website) – Hashtag Board Co. News Editor (New Website) | Hashtag Board Co.

Hashtag Board Co is seeking an internet culture enthusiast to edit and write news content on a new, soon-to-be-launched website. This is a full-time position in our New York office. The most valuable qualities a candidate can bring to the table is an ability to work at the pace of the Internet while remaining level-headed and detail-oriented, deep knowledge of internet culture, and a thorough understanding of how to capture the attention of a broad, diverse audience.



• Overseeing and maintaining news coverage

• Tracking the day’s news to ensure timely coverage

• Managing and editing a team of freelance news writers

• Writing multiple news stories per day

• Keeping the site’s staff abreast of important news developments

• Contributing feature ideas and writing to the site



  • Deep knowledge of internet culture, entertainment, and what constitutes highly shareable content

  • A keen ability to uncover breaking and original news stories from direct sources, industry websites, and social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, etc)

  • Solid editing, writing, and copyediting skills

  • 1+ year experience with basic news writing and Wordpress post production

  • An interest in a diversity of cultures, including bi-cultural experiences within the U.S., Latin American culture, and other global communities


HBC offers an awesome casual work environment with a great team of smart, motivated, innovative and fun people.  



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